Tuesday, April 14, 2009



until now.. i failed to get the job.. job..job..!! yes.. i want to colect money.. but, disappointed..
my job now is to present the WORLD's.. hmm??? iyeke.. last week.. i'm very2 sad.. my lptop damaged.. i love my laptop very2 much.. such as i love my fren.. it's very important to me.. during my laptop sick.. i try to cure.. but unsuccesful... try.. and jgk.. i stumped.. i ask my fren, i ask azwa... wani...and others.. i want convey my laptop to someone.. but who??.. all of them sympathy for me. they give some reserves.. my heart return smile.. ( just pujuk hati ).. one night, wani msj aku.. she said know who can repaired my laptop..
she want me try.. you want to know who..?? biras dia daa.. hehehe.. she said laptop die pun jem hari tu.. but i know laptop aku rosak lebih serious..(its true.. i dont lie).. =( actually i had no money to pay.. i worried if must to pay more... bcoz lptop wani pun kena 100 lebih ar seingat aku. hmm.. i tell my mom about my lptop.. i said lau kena mahal.. byr separuh sorg la..( sad face) hehehe.. my mom tell me fren kpd fren die very expert dalam kes2 membaiki ni... hmm?
yes2!!! i want to give my lptp to him.. hr demi hr.. lptop tak dpt hntar lg.. so sad when i visible the lptp.. worry jgk tkt makin serious.. cannot quiet.. ty smula my mom when i can give lptop to him? my mom said " be patience...".. 1week i wait.. uhuk3.. the next day, my mom call him..but...he go to perak for pngumuman calon bg pilihan raya..( enthusiastic..).. he tell my mom just go 1 day..mybe tomorrow he free.. next day masa my mom pulang umah, die ckp esok hntar lptop. yes3!!! akhirnya lpas 3 hari.. siap jgk lptop aku.. ngeh3.. happy nyer wase... and i'm very2 happy bcoz..... tak kena bayar pom.. hahahaha.. selamat..actually aku hmpir2 hntar lptop kat kdai.. mybe kena dekat 140 gak ar lau kat kdai.. format + ltak anti virus + 3 installer.. fuhh.. btol2 luck ar.. so, instruction yg aku dpt byk jgk la.. the most important is "KESABARAN"..
and thanks bnyak2 pada yang baiki laptop aku tuh.. although aku tak kenal die.. tp aku th die dah tgk pic aku lam laptop tuh.. ngehehehe.. i hope may Allah bless you..

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